Gamescout is a comprehensive retro video game database that allows users to search a game for in-depth details and add them to a collection or wantlist.
The Opportunity

Gamescout is a hypothetical app, unique in that it caters specifically to retro video game collectors and enthusiasts.

The Goal

To develop a fun brand identity and to create a mobile app with the goal of making it easy and convenient for retro video game collectors to manage and organize their growing collection.

Prototypes and Discovery

After researching and interviewing gamers on what they would find to be ideal features for a retro video game app, I created a paper prototype with positive feedback with only minor changes needing to be made to clear any confusion and to make it easier for the user.


After analyzing the feedback from the paper prototypes, wireframes were created to show a more solidified interface and a smoother user experience.

Key Features

After interviewing gamers and doing multiple rounds of user testing, I was able to narrow down the main features that would be the most ideal and helpful tools for the target users.

Hey! Hi! Hello!
I'm Scoot, the very handsome, definitely cool and not sassy face of Gamescout. Nice to meet ya there!
I'll be showin' ya around the app and whatnot. Surely you didn't think I was just a pretty face, did ya? Of course not! Let's get rollin'!
First up, we have the welcome screen! This screen greets the user and will appear after signin' up for an account.
It also highlights the key features of the Gamescout app. Ain't that convenient?
Users are also greeted with illustrated empty states that explain that games have to be added to either a collection or wantlist through the search tab.
Now, before moving to the next screen, let us take a moment to appreciate just how photogenic I am on these screens. I look soooo fabulous, wouldn't ya agree?
After searchin' for a game, users are able to view game details and add the game to a collection or wantlist.
Game details include the game description, market prices, photos, and also recommends similar games. Pretty nifty, huh?
After addin' a game to your collection, users can now view those games through the search tab. Start buildin' your collection, hee-haw!
Lastly, similar to the collection tab, you can view your wanted games through the wantlist feature after addin' it through the search tab. Start keepin' track of your most wanted games!