Yarnivore is a retail store that offers a variety of yarn supplies for knitters, weavers, spinners and crocheters looking to get their quality yarn fix.
The Challenge

Yarnivore prides itself in being one of the largest yarn suppliers, gathering fiber enthusiasts from every corner of South Texas. With only having a name and logo attached to their quickly growing business, it was clear they would benefit from a new brand strategy.

The Solution

To develop a new brand identity along with various brand assets, and to create a mobile app that could easily be picked up by knitters of any level.


Deriving from the words "carnivore" and "yarn", I tried envisioning what a Yarnivore would look like. My solution was to use a lion to combine the two words, and to make sure it had a warm and welcoming vibe.


It was important to create a system that implemented the comfort that comes with yarn activities, but also conveyed the fun and energetic nature of the brand.

Mobile App

The Yarnivore app is designed for knitters of any level to book in-store knitting classes, maintain project logs and keep track of stitches.

Coming Soon!

The tablet app is currently being worked on. Stay tuned!